Tabsy (tabsy) wrote,

This journal is friends only.

Feel free to go look at my graphics / writing, here: the_anti_tabs

But otherwise, comment. You know the drill.
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do i have your approval?
Of course you do you nutter :P
:p hehe
something tells me hes not pouring the good ol' sprite into that cup..? tell me he is!
whats it for? am i being dumb?
It is my Friends Only banner. If you were not my friend you would only be able to see this post and my graphics/poem posts.

I'm really new to LJ (and i'm a little too young) but I REALLY love your layout!! I like exploding dog very much. Did you make it yourself? I am not a friend of yours but I was looking at your graphics, and I think they are cool.
Yes I made the layout myself. It is relatively simple, I just found a picture I liked and resized it to fit my journal.

Can I friend you?

Re: wow!


15 years ago



December 29 2004, 20:27:56 UTC 15 years ago

hey! any way i can be added!?...i didnt no wat to write coz u didnt reply to my other posts.. hope u can put up with me still!
NINNNNNNNNNAAAAA! Long time, long time.

Which other posts were they?

You'll have to get yourself another journal, love. Tis the only way. Even if it's only for me *sighs* :P



January 13 2005, 16:34:28 UTC 15 years ago

arr boom well i spose i will do that for you! now to think of a livejournal name... ill contact you when i have my new and none entry journal ;)
You still thinking of a name? *checks watch*

Re: Niinaaa!


15 years ago

Hey this is Susy you prolly don't remember me but I commented on your L Word entries before on your journal when I didn't have a journal is it ok if I friend you? I think you're interesting :D.
Absolutely :).
sorry for the promotion, but i think you might be good for:
finabloodaly! so i went to london monday and tuesday not to shaby u lucky thing...can u add me after all this time please!
Good job you didn't come see me. I was totally sick. And if you'd have come to my area, you'd have seen the shabby. :P
i saw that you were into your icon challenge so come join
i'm posting in this entry because i'm cool.
hey, you added me? it still comes up as the friends only screen boh?!
Ooops, sozzle. Added you now :)
how the hell do i get accepted,
o well hey,
give me an answer either comment or i m me at funstufff69licks
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